Sagan The Sprinter: 2017 Tour De France Betting Preview

Prior to the 2016 Tour De France, I wrote an article looking back at the individual stages of the 2015 Tour, highlighting how infrequently the market favourite for each stage crossed the line first.

Twenty-one gruelling and varied stages will undoubtedly see the cream rise to the top, but for individual stages it was proved again that there are so many factors at play that everything is up for grabs. From the twenty individual stages in the race, the market favourite was victorious just twice.

That logic was proved correct again in 2016, where laying the favourite for each stage at the average price matched on Betfair would have yielded a level-stakes profit: Continue reading “Sagan The Sprinter: 2017 Tour De France Betting Preview”

Tour De France: Stage Betting Recap

With a brief hiatus in the European Championships, I thought it was worth spending a bit of time preparing for the Greatest Race On Earth which starts this weekend at the beautiful Mont-Saint-Michel. To begin with, here is a quick look at last year’s race and how each stage played out relative to the pre-event market expectations.  All odds quoted are the average price matched on Betfair (considering volume) before the stage commenced: Continue reading “Tour De France: Stage Betting Recap”